Provide plenty of entertainment

Siamese cats enjoy human interaction and demand continual attention; otherwise, they may grow lazy. When Siamese cats are anxious, they may exhibit troublesome behavior such as biting and being aggressive in general. Your kitten will require more of your time when they are younger due to frequent feeding, but spending half an hour of your day playing with them will keep them happy and active.

Besides your time, a Siamese kitten will need a fun environment. These cats are full of energy, and they love to climb and play, so you should consider purchasing the following:

  • Perches—Place them throughout your home, so your kitten has places to climb
  • Scratching post—Your kitten will need a place to scratch, so they don’t damage your furniture
  • Cat tree—If it’s within your budget, a cat tree is a great structure where your Siamese can climb, play, scratch, and sleep

A guide to caring for Siamese kittens

The way you care for your cat when they are young is critical. Good care will build a solid foundation for their lifelong health. To make sure your Siamese kitty has a long and happy life, you need to:

1- Entertainment
2- Grooming
3- Feeding
4- Vet Visit



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