Grooming time

All cats require regular grooming consisting of:

1- Brushing—Even though kittens don’t have long hair, you should still brush them every week with a soft-bristled brush in the direction of hair growth so they can get used to the sensation as early as possible. Once their fur is fully grown, they may require more tending. During the moulting season, you might even have to brush these oriental cats every day. The good news is that Siamese cats don’t shed as much as some other breeds (for example, Ragdolls and Maine Coons), so you won’t have issues keeping your home cat-hair-free
2- Cleaning the teeth—You should clean your cat’s teeth as frequently as possible. If your kitten doesn’t like the toothbrush, you can put gauze on your finger and gently rub their teeth
3- Clipping the nails—Trimming your cat’s claws every once in a while can prevent them from breaking and splitting. Make sure to cut only the sharp tip of the nail
4- Wiping the fur—The chances are that your kitten won’t be too thrilled to take a bath, but wiping the coat with a damp cloth will do the trick (especially if your little feline spends most of their time indoors)

A guide to caring for Siamese kittens

The way you care for your cat when they are young is critical. Good care will build a solid foundation for their lifelong health. To make sure your Siamese kitty has a long and happy life, you need to:

1- Entertainment
2- Grooming
3- Feeding
4- Vet Visit



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