How can Untamed help you raise a happy Siamese cat?

Untamed understands the importance of laying a firm foundation for your cat’s development. We collaborated with veterinarians to create delectable meals that were approved even by the pickiest eaters. You’ll be providing your kitty with balanced meals that exactly fulfill their nutritional demands if you go Untamed.

Our policy is one of transparency, which is why our labels explicitly disclose what we put in the product. All of our meals are free of common allergies, and if your cat is very sensitive, consider our single-protein-source dishes, Chocka Chicken in Jelly and Tuck-in Tuna in Jelly.

Untamed uses human-grade meat and avoids animal byproducts and other questionable substances. Our cat chow is carefully cooked to ensure that it is pathogen-free while remaining pleasant and nutritious.

Siamese cats are notoriously finicky eaters, and it is not uncommon for them to turn up their noses at the sight of wet food. Because we care about the quality of our ingredients as well as the taste of our meals, even the most picky cats enjoy our gravy and jelly recipes! Order our sample pack for your Siamese cat and encourage healthy eating habits from the start!

Untamed’s tailor-made meals are easy to get! All you need to do to order your trial pack is follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to our Try Now page
  2. Give us some details about your cat
  3. Select a meal plan and place the order

The sample pack will arrive the next day, and your kitten will be able to choose whatever tasty recipes they like. When they give us the thumbs up, we’ll send you a month’s worth of balanced portions on a regular basis.

Feel free to make modifications at any time, and enjoy watching your kitten grow happy and healthy.

After a few weeks on Untamed, members of our clowder report various positive changes, including improved digestion, fewer hairballs, increased energy, and improved immune function.

Don’t forget vet visits!

While a high-quality diet should keep common health issues at bay, providing regular veterinary care for your cat is a must. 

During the first year, you will visit the vet more frequently to check how the cat is progressing and ensure they get all the necessary vaccines, such as those against:

  • Feline distemper
  • Calicivirus
  • Rhinotracheitis

A rabies shot will also be necessary. Your vet will put your kitten on schedule and ensure they receive all the required shots.

If you adopted a kitten from a shelter, it would be wise to get the cat’s medical records, so you know if the kitten has already had any of the shots.

Besides vaccinations, you should also talk to your vet about:

Worms and parasites—If your kitten has worms, you can easily treat them with deworming tablets
Breed-specific health issues—Siamese cats are generally healthy, but they can be prone to some genetic and lifestyle-related illnesses. It’s wise to examine the kitten and get some advice on preventing or managing possible problems. You should also know what symptoms to look out for so you can treat the issues immediately
Obesity prevention—Siamese cats are prone to becoming overweight, especially if neutered or spayed. Your vet will tell you how to keep your cat at an optimal weight

A guide to caring for Siamese kittens

The way you care for your cat when they are young is critical. Good care will build a solid foundation for their lifelong health. To make sure your Siamese kitty has a long and happy life, you need to:

1- Entertainment
2- Grooming
3- Feeding
4- Vet Visit



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